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Getting started


Review the core concepts of the Energy Coordination API to understand how it works. If you already understand the basics, these are the steps you need to go through from A to B in order to integrate with the API.

How to get started

As a DER-partner, you must go through the following steps to get started with the Energy Coordination API:

  1. Register at Spark Studio

    Go to Spark Studio and sign up to receive credentials

  2. Add your resources to the test area

    We have a designated area in the Sandbox environment for testing purposes. You can add your resources there and they will be marked as eligible immediately.

  3. Create webhook subscriptions

    You should set up a webhook to receive event notifications from the API. This allows your system to be notified when an event occurs.

  4. Simulate events

    You must simulate events in the test area to see how your resources react to different situations. These can be fetched in the API.

  5. Report on energy usage

    After you react to an event, you must report the resource usage back to the API. This is done by sending a report.

  6. Fetch user compensations

    After you have reported on energy usage, you can fetch the compensations for the users that are affected by the event.

  7. Go to production

    When you’ve gone through these steps and verified that everything works as expected, you are ready to move to the production environment.