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DER Partners

What is a DER partner?

DER is short for Distributed Energy Resources. This can be anything from solar panels to electric vehicles. As such, any company that provides these services may be considered a DER partner within the context of our platform.

How do I know if we are a DER partner?

If your company is an aggregator of resources related to solar panels, energy storage, electric vehicles, etc. then you may be considered a DER partner.

How to integrate as a DER partner

There are a couple of APIs defined in this documentation that you can integrate towards and start using today. These APIs are:

  • Energy Coordination: an API that allows you to subscribe to events for your resources. These events will allow eligible users to get a monetary incentive in exchange for being flexible with their energy usage.
  • Charging Advice: an API that allows you to fetch a forecast of the energy prices for the coming days such that you can optimize your charging strategy for your electric vehicles.